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Guitar Squad brings a new, modern approach to the guitar repair industry

What makes us different is a new way of looking at guitar repair; Guitar Squad shifts the paradigm of how repair shops, stores, and schools handle guitar repairs. No longer is there an unseen luthier in the back room, or "a guy" who picks up instruments twice a week. Our staff of trained, certified, experienced, and insured luthiers are front and center in our shops, talking to clients, diagnosing, and repairing instruments in plain sight. You can watch the magic happen! Another crucial difference is our level of consistency and standardization, whatever shop you bring your guitar, or whichever luthier touches your instrument you are assured of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

In 2014 Guitar Squad moved to a modern shop facility in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We now have a full woodworking and finishing facility where we can provide complex refinish and restoration projects. We use computer aided design and CNC technology to create custom guitar componenets when necessary.

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